Spring Fest

Blue skies and sunshine were the backdrop for Fossil Group’s 2017 Spring Fest, one of the company’s many annual events.

The annual event allowed employees at Fossil’s global headquarters to take a break from the day-to-day and enjoy food trucks, frozen treats, outdoor activities and music played by a live DJ. Before the event even began, there was a line of employees anxious to kick things off.

Fossil Culture | Spring Fest 2017

For competitive employees, the human foosball game, life-size Jenga and obstacle course stole the show. Meanwhile, those looking to simply relax and take a break from the workday enjoyed wine pops, craft beer, ice cream and snacks from Cafe54—the incredible cafeteria at global headquarters. The afternoon created a great escape from the workweek and a reminder how unique Fossil’s culture really is.

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Fossil Culture | Spring Fest 2017Fossil Culture | Spring Fest 2017Fossil Culture | Spring Fest 2017Fossil Culture | Spring Fest 2017Fossil Culture | Spring Fest 2017Fossil Group Spring Fest 2017Fossil Group Spring Fest 2017Fossil Culture | Spring Fest 2017Fossil Group Spring Fest 2017


Proud Mama: Fossil x ME to WE

Mama Pasiyio is one of the 1400+ talented artisans behind Fossil x ME to WE, an exclusive accessories collection celebrating the craftsmanship of female artisans in Africa. The collection consists of colorful beadwork sold at Fossil stores and online—with profits reinvested in creating sustainable impacts in developing communities through ME to WE. During her first trip to the United States, Mama Pasiyio stopped by Fossil’s 5th Avenue store in New York City to see where the collection is sold.

According to Mama Pasiyio, her stop at Fossil was the highlight of her trip. She felt honored that the New York store staff knew so much about Fossil x ME to WE and the network of women artisans behind it, as well as how excited they were to meet her.

Mama Pasiyio is one of few university-educated women from the Kenyan community. In her role, she works as a supervisor at the Women’s Empowerment Centre, where women living in rural Kenya are able to use their cultural tradition of beading to earn a sustainable source of income to support their families.

Learn more about the partnership between Fossil Group and ME to WE here.


Making an Impact: Dale Mize

We’re proud of our employees who relentlessly work to help our world thrive. This special series highlights how our people work to do good, in their job and for the world.

At the end of the day, whether he’s leading our operations management team or tackling challenges big and small in our distribution center, Dale Mize is a solutions guy. So when he noticed a large amount of materials that was going to go to waste, he refused to let it happen.

We talked with Dale about how he’s always on the lookout for opportunities to do sustainable good.

Describe the opportunity you discovered to do more sustainable good:

We needed to dispose of some old fixtures and packaging, and typically they would have been sent to a landfill. This didn’t seem right, so I started asking questions. I knew there had to be a better solution and became determined to find a new home for these items. After reaching out to several organizations, we found a place that would put all of it to use in a helpful way.

In this gallery: Dwell With Dignity domestic and corporate locations outfitted with wire baskets, chairs and other fixtures donated by Fossil Group

  • 001-dwd-october2016-garlandgardenstownhomes-full
  • fossilgroup_donated_chairs
  • DWD-November2016
  • DWD-November2016

How did Fossil Group support you in improving your business practices?

Fossil Group pointed me in the right direction for a solution, providing contact information for people and companies that may be able to help. They believed in what I believed in, and it was definitely a group effort.

We are working hard to make progress, and it’s exciting that we still have so many opportunities to be more sustainable in what we do, whether it’s in product or packaging. Everyone is on the same page and working together to make things happen.

We have a great team here at Fossil, and I know we’ll continue to make the world better together.

Can you share any of the impact your efforts have had?

As we looked for ways to repurpose leather, we discovered organizations that would help us upcycle the product in a game-changing way.

We’ve also made sizable donations to organizations like Dwell With Dignity and Habitat For Humanity—everything from wire baskets, vintage trucks, wooden stools, tables, you name it. So far, we’ve recycled 507,698 units of fixtures, packaging, displays and promotional items and this is only the beginning.

Total number of items Dale facilitated recycling in the last year

Fossil Group is on a mission to make an impact—to put in more than we take out. Thanks to people like Dale, we are helping our world thrive. Click here to learn more about what our employees are doing to create positive change.