Fossil Group features 3 software engineers for wearable tech | Android Wear developers at Fossil Group


We’re proud of our employees who come to work every day to make an impact. This story features a few of our talented engineers who are helping to pioneer the next generation of wearable tech.

Meet Shawn Spencer, Jeff Hatfield and Chris LeSage—change agents of the Connected Devices Group (CDG) from our Richardson, TX Headquarters. Coworkers turned close friends, these software engineers design application software within Android Wear for all Fossil Group touchscreen smartwatches.

Shawn Spencer

Lead Developer

Shawn Spencer is a software engineer and app developer for touchscreen smartwatches at Fossil Group

Jeff Hatfield


Chris LeSage


Chris LeSage is a software engineer and app developer for touchscreen smartwatches at Fossil Group

When did you know engineering was your calling?

SPENCER: After seeing the original Toy Story movie in theaters, I became fascinated by computer graphics and animation software.

LESAGE: My dad actually got me interested in computers. And after years of building legos and playing video games, I became intrigued by how computers worked.

What attracted you to Fossil Group?

SPENCER: Great design, great products and great people. Not only do I get to work on products that tons of people use every day, but also I get to use the latest software and programming tools, which keeps my job really interesting.

LESAGE: I joined for the wearable tech team and for the chance to work on a new branch of Android development: Android Wear.

Shawn Spencer, Jeff Hatfield and Chris LeSage use Android Wear to code smartwatch applications at Fossil Group

What engineering skills have you developed or improved upon at Fossil Group?

SPENCER: I have learned a lot more about mobile and wearable app development, gained experience with Android and other Google technologies and taken my Java and OpenGL skills to the next level here.

LESAGE: I have greatly improved in graphics and OpenGL. My skills in design and UI has also enhanced to create beautiful watch faces.

Writing code and sharing ideas that impact multiple brands helps shape how wearable tech is being implemented across Fossil Group.Chris LeSage

What was your most rewarding project?

SPENCER: My most rewarding projects have been working on the Fossil Q and Michael Kors Access smartwatches. When I’m walking around town, I see complete strangers wearing our smartwatches. It’s a great feeling to know I had a part in making them.

HATFIELD: My very first smartwatch face for the Michael Kors Access micro app was the sun and moon dial. It required a lot of new techniques in properly blending colors together to get the right day and night look. I also had to do a lot of mathematical wizardry to rotate the sun and moon around properly and get the glowing effects to look nice.

How are you making an impact by pioneering the future of wearable technology?

LESAGE: Fossil has become a frontrunner in the wearable tech race for touchscreen and hybrid smartwatches. Writing code and sharing ideas that impact multiple brands helps shape how wearable tech is being implemented across Fossil Group.

HATFIELD: We’re developing new techniques for programming watch faces and inventing shortcuts that haven’t been done or seen before.

Why should people come to work for Fossil?

LESAGE: Fossil’s work environment. There are so many people to meet and fun company events held throughout the year, like Spring Fest and the legendary Halloween celebration.

HATFIELD: The work we’re doing is really interesting. Every day is a new challenge that requires some creative and critical thinking skills. Fossil has a unique culture and group of people that are incredibly fun to be around.

Caroline Casey of BINC partnership with Fossil Group to travel on horseback for #valuable cause


Fossil Group is proud to partner with the pioneering social enterprise Binc in support of their mission of inclusivity. On behalf of the more than one billion people in the world living with a disability, Binc’s groundbreaking #valuable campaign aims to spark a new age of inclusion that positions disability on the global business agenda.

A Champion for Change

Binc’s mission is one particularly close to founder Caroline Casey’s heart. Born with a rare condition called ocular albinism, the Ireland native is legally blind, unable to see clearly beyond a range of a few inches. Caroline succeeded in spite of her obstacles, climbing the ranks of the highly competitive management-consulting industry. Yet others living with disabilities are more likely to experience lower educational achievement, reduced economic participation, and higher rates of poverty.

Determined to rewrite this narrative, Caroline left her consulting career in 2001 and has worked ever since as a champion for change. She founded Binc in 2015, intent on harnessing the power of business to inspire social transformation. Her mission with #valuable: To get 500 companies to commit to putting the issue of inclusivity on their business agenda by the end of 2018 and in turn, spark a worldwide revolution of inclusion.

Journey To Impact

To raise awareness for her cause, on September 4, Caroline will embark on a one-month, 1,000-kilometer trek through South America on horseback. The conclusion of her journey in Bogota, Colombia, will coincide with the One Young World summit, a gathering of 1,300 of the world’s most forward-thinking young leaders taking place October 4–6. Caroline will take to the stage to challenge this next generation of leaders to heed her call for “dangerous dreamers” who will “stretch the boundaries of possible.”

Fossil is proud to support Caroline’s trek, helping her spread her message of inclusivity across the globe.

“Fossil has already proven its social muscle through its pioneering work to narrow the global opportunity gap—it is a fantastic example of how business really can be a force for good in society,” Caroline said.

“Fossil has been the first business to speak out and support #valuable. Without them, this crucial campaign would not be possible.”

To Bogota and Beyond

This is just the start of Caroline’s journey—to Bogota and beyond. We’ll be tracking her trek and recapping the One Young World summit on our social channels, so be sure to follow us for all the latest updates. And to read more about the #valuable campaign, visit

Fossil Group Marketing Internship Group Marcus Graham Project

Meanwhile At Fossil: Marcus Graham Project

Fossil Group had the honor of being one of the 2017 sponsors of the Marcus Graham Project’s iCR8 (I create) boot camp, a summer-long experiential learning program that provides aspiring marketing and advertising leaders with the exposure and experience necessary to build careers within the industry.

The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) is a Dallas-based nonprofit organization and a national network of diverse professionals with a mission to identify, expose, mentor and train ethnically diverse men and women in all aspects of the media industry.

“It has been an incredible privilege to welcome the Marcus Graham Project into our Fossil family, especially as they celebrate an important milestone with their 10th anniversary. This was our first year supporting this tremendous organization, which encourages and inspires young minds to consider careers in the fields of marketing, advertising and public relations,” said Steve Evans, Executive Vice President at Fossil.

“We challenged them to come up with a 360-degree marketing campaign to help address some of our business needs—and they delivered with outstanding results. Working with a team that promotes and models a similar value system of creativity and innovation has given us the inspiration to continue to create accessories that are relevant for the next generation.”

As part of this year’s MGP program, selected boot camp participants from all over the U.S. and Canada came together to launch a full-service advertising agency called The Kinxion. Their pop-up shop tackled a segment marketing challenge—how to speak to Fossil’s male customer (or as they called him “Fossil Gent”) and drive sales. Each MGP participant was paired with a Fossil employee to help coach and support them throughout their creative journey.

For two months, The Kinxion team worked together to research and build a complete brand campaign on the Fossil Gent. This included account planning, production, copywriting, project management, PR, art direction, design as well as interactive and social media marketing. While partnering with their Fossil mentors, each participant learned how an entire campaign is put together and, in the end, wowed the Fossil executive leadership team with their creative pitch and ideas.

Fossil Group Marketing Internship Group Marcus Graham Project: Kinxion

Ahead, meet The Kinxion team and get their take on what it was like to be part of the Marcus Graham Project training boot camp at Fossil. Scroll down to read their favorite on-the-job moments and some of the lessons they learned. And make sure to remember their names, because we’re pretty sure they’ll be winning ad awards in no time!

Fossil Group Marketing Internship: Shauntel Barron

Shauntel Barron

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Position: Art Director

“I developed new design skills while working collectively with a team and even had the opportunity to work closely with a mentor who assisted me in honing my craft. Working with Fossil has given me the tools necessary to be successful throughout my career and even in this next phase of my life.”

James “J.R.” Adams Jr.

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Position: Art Director

“More than just being summer interns, we worked on things that would actually change the scope of how Fossil markets the products, and that’s phenomenal. I’ve learned the importance of asking questions. I wasn’t as open to doing that at my previous job.”

Darnell Gardner Jr.

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Position: Copywriter

“I’ve learned that in order to have the career I want, I have to make certain changes to my trajectory. Fossil has also instilled in me the importance of networking, and reminded me of the value of giving back once you have a little extra to give.”

Adyam Kidane

Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Position: Project Manager

“Whether it was working on speaking to different levels of management, shadowing a Fossil employee for the day or working on my soft skills, Rosi (my mentor) was committed to my growth as an individual. Fossil gave us a taste of the industry and I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Daniel Jagaselvan

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Position: Account Manager

“Working with my team has taught me that a great leader finds how he or she can be of service to the team. Knowing how you personally work and how others work is integral to success. Fossil provided us an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced people in retail and branding. This summer has been surreal. The people and experiences are something I will take away for the rest of my life.”

Anthony Williams II

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Position: Account Manager

“My time at Fossil was an unforgettable experience. I treasured the peer mentorship from so many of the Fossil team who were willing to invest in us and teach us important marketing strategies. The lessons I’ve learned are invaluable.”

Cristina Cabral

Hometown: Newark, New Jersey
Position: Account Planner

“I learned a lot about professionalism and what it means to be empowered in your career. I learned presentations skills, and about how to collaborate with other people. Before, I didn’t think much about the story and impact, but now I know the importance of the little things. Those little things are important to the entire presentation.

Raven LeNoir

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Position: Public Relations Specialist

“Fossil was so welcoming from the first day, everyone was so helpful and eager to help you grow as a professional. The work environment Fossil exhibits is something I’ll look forward to in my future.”

Ayomide Awojinrin

Hometown: Washington, DC Metro Area
Position: Social Media Strategist

“I felt right at home at Fossil, like I belonged. The team has been nothing but supportive, encouraging, and excited to be part of our journey through MGP. My experience cannot be summed up into one word, because Fossil embodies so much more.”

fossil engineer abhi kris

Making an Impact: Abhi Kris

We’re proud of our employees who come to work every day to make an impact. This story features one of our talented engineers who is helping to pioneer the next generation of wearable tech.

Meet Abhi Kris, a Senior Firmware Engineer on the Connected Devices Group (CDG) working in the heart of Burlingame, CA. Known to all as the voice of firmware, he constructs the firmware architecture that supports the digital experience of our brands.

What attracted you to Fossil Group?

The engineering team! I love their energy and find my team competent, driven and smart. They challenge me in fun ways. They are incredibly generous and, most of all, have a great sense of humor.

How are you making an impact by pioneering the future of wearable technology?

I do believe we are at the forefront of a technological evolution for fashion accessories. The hybrid story is starting to be written and we’ve probably just written the prologue. The technology and user interactions we’re designing will define how we relate to our fashion, accessories and, in turn, our world.

“We’re striving to solve challenging technical questions that would enable incredible technology for almost anyone in the world.”Abhi

What engineering skills have you developed or improved upon at Fossil Group?

I’m learning how to manage technical architecture whose changes could affect hundreds of thousands of devices, as well as designing and re-designing it to an even larger scale. I’m also developing my skill set under experts in design, UX, UI, mechanical, electrical, program management, fashion etc.

How does your team support you to grow in your field and produce your best work?

We are all broad thinkers who not only dive deep into technical topics, but also understand work from a wider perspective. This is extremely helpful when I bring my team product and design challenges. We find realistic and achievable solutions while creating the best technology possible for our products.

Why should people come to work for Fossil?

This is a company that is completely re-inventing itself. Everything is new, and there’s so much talent here. We’re striving to solve challenging technical questions that would enable incredible technology for almost anyone in the world. As engineers, we are enabling technology that puts a little bit of magic back in everyone’s life.